What is Khata Khata Certificate Khata Extracts

What is Khata, Khata Certificate, Khata Extract, Khata Types?

A Khata is a legal identification document containing all the details of a particular property for instance, name of the property, its size, exact location and other such important particulars which helps in filing the property tax to the concerned authority

Khata Certificate:
The Khata Certificate is a document that identifies who is the owner of a particular property. It determines the official tax payer for the apartment or property. It is also required to calculate the tax that needs to be paid for a property,

Khata Extract:
A Khata Extract is an extract taken from the assessment register of the BBMP giving details of the property concerned, such as the name of the property, its size, Built-up Area of the property , the use to which it is put (like commercial purpose, residential purpose), and its annual value, fixed when it was last assessed and also amount of property taxes.

Different Types of Khata's

  • A Khata
  • B Khata with DC Conversion
  • B Khata without DC Conversion
  • E Khata
  • Panchayat Khata (with Form 9, Form 11 A / Form 11 B)
  • Manual Panchayat Khata
  • Revenue Land Site with or without DC Conversion
  • Gramathana Khata Sites with Form 9 and Form 11A / Form 11 B

Form 9 : Property ownership document
Form 11 A :  Issued along with Form-9 indicating property taxation details
Form 11 B  : Like B Khata without DC Conversion, Please check with your Lawyer for more details