12A and 80G Registration

List of Document Required for Income Tax 12A & 80G Registration


When can you apply for 80G exemption certificate?

  • Exemption certificate u/s 80G can be applied for just after the registration of NGO/Truest is completed.

Where is 80G certificate to be applied?

  • Exemption under section 80G can be applied for at the office of Commissioner of Income-tax (Exemption) having jurisdiction over the institution.

How to Register for 80G Certificate to Get Tax Exemption?

  • Exemption under section 80G is applied on a form called 10g. This form can be downloaded from Income Tax department’s website.

Validity of 80G Certificate?

  • Income tax department issues 80G certificate only for lifetime. No need to get it renewed.

Can a private trust be eligible for Section 80G?

  • Yes, donations made to the private trusts are also eligible for deduction under Section 80G; provided it satisfies the conditions given in the section.

Requirements for Getting 80G Certificate?

  • Trust/NGO should not have any income (business income) which are not eligible for exemption. lf, the NGO/Trust has such income (business income) then it should maintain separate books of accounts and should not divert donations received for the purpose of trust business.
  • Bylaws or objectives of the Trust / NGOs should not contain any provision for spending the income or assets of the NGO/Trust for purposes other than the charitable objectives mentioned in the Trust Deed or Rules of Association.
  • NGO/Trust should not be working for the benefit of particular religious community or caste.
  • NGO/Trust maintains regular accounts of its receipts & expenditures.
  • NGO/Trust is properly registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 or under any law corresponding to that act or is registered under section 25 of the Companies Act 1956.
  • Trustees or governing body members are not drawing any undue benefits from NGO/Trust funds.

What is Section 12A of Income Tax Act?


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