Personal Loan for Salary Below 20000

Quick & Easy Personal Loan Salary above Rs. 15000 * 

(Note: Currently this service is avaibale for across India i.e Only Major Cities / Towns)


Interest Rate  16 to 30% (per annum)
Loan Amount Rs. 10,000 and above
Loan Tenure 6 to 60 Months
Loan From Banks / NBFCs
Processing Fee As per Bank / NBFC
Min Take Home Salary Rs. 15,000 and above 
Salary Paid Bank Transfer


List of Documents Required for Personal Loan:

  • Last 3 Months Payslips
  • Last 3 Months Bank Statment
  • Employment ID Card
  • Current Address Proof
  • Permanent Address Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Company Official Email ID
  • Company Landline Number

Valid Currest Address Proof Documents :

1st Preference address proof documetns : Gas Bill, Mobill Bill, Telephone Bill, Internet Bill, Credit Card Bill

2nd Preference Adress Proof dodcuments Like : Company HR Letter, Valid Rental Agreement with Latest Electricity Bill, Incase of Own House, Latest Electricity Bill / Water Bill / Latest Tax Paid Receipt


Eligibility Rules:

  • Last 3 Months Minimum Take Home / In-Hand Salary must be Rs. 15,000 or above
  • Minimum 6 Months of work experience (higher the chances for approval)
  • Last 3 Months Payslips in current working company with salary above Rs. 15,000 (Monthly)
  • Salary must be paid to bank account (No Cash Salary)
  • Applicant Working Company should be Private Limited, Limited, LLP, Partnership, Proprietorship
  • No Cheque Bounces (including ECS) in last 6 Months for existing loans Existing Loans / Closed Loans
  • Minimum Bank CIBIL Score : 650 (*) and above, Higher the CIBIL Score, Higher Chances for Loan Approval
  • No CIBIL Score also good to apply (i.e. No Loans / No Credit Card Cases)
  • Apply if CIBIL Score is : -1 (i.e -1 means NO Loan History) / 0 (Zero) / NA* 
  • Loan Enquiries in last 3 months must be less than 10. Beyond 10 enquires, loan rejections will be high.
  • Note: PF Deduction must be there as part of salary (Loan Approval Chances will be high)
  • Applicant Age : 21 Years or above
  • Official Email ID is mandatory (i.e Office Email Address)
  • Office Landline (i.e Reception Landline is also OK)


*A score of 0 (NA) on a CIBIL credit report means Credit History Not Available (NA)


Note: Personal Loan is possible for unlisted companies also. Personal Loan is possible for Partnership, Proprietorship Company Employeers also (PF deduction is Mandatory).

Important Note:

  • Consultant Fee / Charges :  4 % of Total Loan Amount. (Consultant Fee Payments to Bank Account ONLY) for the applicants who is looking for higher the loan amount i.e. upto 10 times of Net Salary (This facility ONLY for Bangalore City Loan Applicants as Applicant has to visit our office). Consultant Fee WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR OTHER CITY LOAN APPLICANTS. 

  • 100% Refund GUARANTEED in case of loan is not possible. Refund amount also will be paid  back to Applicant Bank Account ONLY.


If you are eligible as per the above eligibility rules and interested to pay consultant fee then, Please Get in Touch with Us @ +91 85535 12415 ( Call Timings : 9.30am to 8pm ONLY on all days) or You can submit the loan request and also share all the documents as per the eligibility rules. 


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